Member Portal

Welcome to the Member Portal. If you are looking for all of the latest information about what is happening in our church, then you have stumbled into the right place. In this portal you can listen to past Sermons, check out the Church Calendar, find out how you can get involved next at the Current Events page, and find out who needs your prayers by looking at our Prayer List.

Want to learn more about your fellow members? Check out the Our Members page. Here you will find a blog that focuses on some of our members and provides you with the opportunity to get better acquainted with those people that you see every Sunday, but don’t know that much about.

Check out our Photo Galleries to see some of our recent events. Lots of fun activities have been happening at Eastminster! You may even find yourself in one of our galleries.

The Member Portal also provides you with a convenient way to support our church. Just go to the Support Us page and you can use your credit card to make your donations to our church and keep our ministries alive and well.

The Member Portal is a great tool to keep you in touch with the activities of the church, learn more about your fellow members, and find ways to support your church with your time or money.

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