Session Members

Moderator of Session: Rev. Dr. Sean White
Church Treasurer: Sue Fiet
Clerk of Session: Mark Hastings
Class of 2023: Bob Burroughs, Brad Hayse, Lynn Strange
Class of 2024: Margaret Crews, Steve Tarpy, Bob Winter
Class of 2025: Mark Hastings

Church Committees

Ministry of Worship: Bob Burroughs, Bob Winter
Ministry of Stewardship (Finance and Property): Brad Hayse, Lynn Strange, Steve Tarpy
Ministry of Outreach (Missions): Margaret Crews
Ministry of Church Life and Growth: David Ayliffe

Sunday School Teachers

Nursery/Pre-K Class: Volunteers
Preschool/3-5 year old: Jane C. & Susan D.
Primary (1st-3rd grade): Laura H., Patti M., ELizabeth S.
Junior Class ( 4th & 5th Grade Class ):  Ashley W. & Viola W.
Middle School /High School Class:  Gail W.
Adult Sunday School: Margaret C.
Late Commers Sunday School: Julie W.

Leaders of the church

Children’s Church: Gail W.
Worship time Nursery: Jessica T.
Audio and Video Technicians: Paul C., Missey H., & Natalie W.

Eastminster Choir

Our choir is an integral part of our worship experience. Under the direction of Pam Minnich and Lynn Bennett, the choir is a wonderful complement to the other parts of our services.

The choir is made up of some or our most talented members, and we feel that you will be blessed by the message as the choir ministers to us in song.

The choir is always looking for additional talent to add to their ranks. If you are interested in joining, see one of our directors for more information.