Welcome to the United States of America Jeanette

Today Jolie Kahoto and her son Kennedy welcomed her mother “Jeanette” home to the U.S.  Jolie had not seen her mother in  18 years and she arrived today in Knoxville, TN from the Congo in Africa! After a 26 hour flight, she arrived at McGhee Tyson Airport at 2:00pm. It was a beautiful blessing to be able to witness this momentous event.  There were several church members who came to help show their love and support for Jolie and her family.  Some of our Eastminster children were able to come and be there for Kennedy as well. Alan Williams from WVLT was there and interviewed Jolie and got some great footage of this wonderful homecoming! Here is the link : http://www.local8now.com/content/news/Keeping-the-Faith-Escaping-Death-in-The-Congo-371418871.html

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