Support Staff

An important member of our support staff is Missey Hurd.  Missey is our Church Secretary, Children’s Ministry Coordinator and our Director of Church Communications.  As this title indicates, Missey has her hands full planning events for both children and their families, and keeping our members informed of current events and upcoming mission opportunities. Missey earned a Associate of Science Degree from WSCC. Her hobbies include sewing, quilting, reading, camping and spending vacations at the beach!

supportstaffOur Maintenance Coordinator is Chester R. Mahood, Jr., affectionately known as Chip. Chip is a man of many talents and can clean up a mess with one hand while fixing a balky furnace with the other. Not much grass grows under this man’s feet as he is in charge of maintaining our campus, making sure everything is ready for the meeting of the day, and providing us with a clean and inviting building. Chip is a native Knoxvillian and is a proud graduate of Holston High School. When not working, you can probably find Chip at the nearest fishing hole drowning worms.

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