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Dr. Harvey and his bride

Dr. Harvey and his bride

Hometown:  Lumberton, Mississippi

Birthday; November 16, 1922

Have you ever known a Superhero.  You know, the ones who fly around in tights and wear capes.  They swoop down and save people when they are being threatened by evil and they save the day.  Did you know that Eastminster has it’s own Superhero (minus the tights and the cape)?  Meet Dr. Robert Henry Harvey.

Although Bob was born in Mississippi, he attended high school at Camden Academy in Camden, Alabama.  Because he was such a fine student, he was awarded a scholarship to attend Knoxville College, thus his move to our fine city.

It was while attending Knoxville College that he met his future bride, Miss Edwina Powell.   Bob and Edwina were married on June 3, 1944, and their union produced 3 wonderful children:  Sharon Carswell of Margate, Florida, Brian Harvey of Alexandria, Virginia, and the late Denise Harvey who lived and worked in Knoxville.  The Harveys now have 2 grandsons and 2 great granddaughters.  Fine accomplishments, but not worthy of Superhero status.

Dr. Harvey is a military veteran, having served his country during World War II.  Much of his enlistment time (1943 to 1945) was spent in Europe fighting for our freedom.  Hero? Yes.  Superhero? Maybe.

Bob has built quite a resume’ as a worker in the educational field.  He was a professor of Mathematics and Dean of the College at Knoxville College, beginning his tenure there in 1951.  He continued to teach classes at KC well into the 1990s.  He also has worked as a Program Manager for the National Science Foundation in Washington, D.C, for 7 years.  Still not a Superhero.

As extensive as his educational accomplishments have been, Bob has still found time to be an active leader in the Presbyterian Church.  He has served on Session boards more times than you can count, and has even served as the Moderator of the Presbytery.  Impressive, yes.  Superhero, no.

So why is Dr. Robert H. Harvey considered by many to be a Superhero?  How many people do you know that have been responsible for saving an entire college from extinction?  Three times during his illustrious career, Dr. Harvey has taken over as President of Knoxville College, bringing them back from the ruins of financial disaster to be a viable presence here in our state.  Under his firm leadership and strength of character, Dr. Harvey has been the backbone of the entire college, restoring them to a healthy situation so that they can continue to serve their students with pride.

A finer man you will never meet.  Introduce yourself to this exceptional man of God, and be prepared to be impressed by his wit and his intellect.  We are proud to say Eastminster is the home of Dr. Robert Henry Harvey.

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